Meetings with musicians and writers.

Italian culture? Sanremo is exactly the city that can say a lot about ancient times as well as about modern culture. Annual Italian Estrada festival is popular among tourists from all over the world, and can be considered to be the most popular event of the year.

 However, we should not forget about other cultural events, where you can easily meet famous and beginner musicians, writers, actors… It is impossible to imagine Sanremo without any concerts, plays and performances. Books, music, paintings – it is all there! Art is in the air.

Our students have a few practical lessons in a bohemian place, which is popular among celebrities. Everybody can feel ‘real Italian aperitif’, enjoy the sea view and vacation in general. At the same time, you can learn the new topic in practice. Once we met Mauro Vero (in the photo) – versatile artist and talented musician. He started playing guitar when he was 9 years old and since then has recorded dozens of albums.

Mauro Vero told us that he featured as a guest artist, and also recorded 3 his own albums: ‘Strada di casa’, ‘La Golodrina’, ‘Itinerari’; participated in TV and radio programmes, cooperated with the most famous Italian performers, theatres. His motto is ‘Music is like theatre. Theatre is like music’. Maybe this is why Mauro Vero is called ‘man-orchestra’: when you hear his guitar playing, it sounds like there are a few musicians playing at the same time.

Sanremo is also known as the ‘City of flowers’ because everything is literally covered with various types of carnation. Every year in the end of winter since the beginning of the 20th century there has been organized an extremely colourful event – ‘Flower carriage’ holiday. In the end of March, you can visit famous bike race ‘Rallye Sanremo’, which starts in Milan, and athletes from many countries take part in it.

And song festival, of course! Festival di Sanremo was an inspiration for the founders of the Eurovision Song Contest. The idea remained the same, though: only songs that have not been performed in public are allowed. Professional judges and viewers evaluate singers on the basis of different criteria. Long story short, if you love flowers, sport, songs, and talented people – Sanremo is for you!

How does it work?

Our programmes are based on the principles of Edgar Dale. Studies of this scholar prove that by ‘digesting’ information you learn it by 90%. Hence, the best way to learn Italian is to go to Italy! Our experts offer a way of studying, where you dive into the real Italian lifestyle. Let us compare the process of studying with a theatre, where the country is the stage, and students are actors. During lessons you ‘learn your part’ (Italian grammar, vocabulary), and during ‘attività' you play this role (communicate with friendly and responsive people from the city of Imperia on the coast of the Ligurian Sea).  

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Step by step

How the studies are built

Lesson 1. 90-minute lesson in the classroom.

Studying new grammar and vocabulary. Lay the foundation of your practice!

Lesson 2. 90-minute outside activity.

Visiting factories, farms, participating in interesting meetings, conversations, Italian aperitifs with your teacher. Strengthening your results in practice.

Free time.

An opportunity to relax on the beach, go out on various tours that are offered by our Centre, have a great time. Enjoy your vacations!

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