You re not the first who's got Italian language in his mind and try to study this beautiful language. Some of you guys try by temselves, they just have some shopping time in some bookstore and get back home with cd, dvd and books that promise fast results. Some of you guys maybe already attended some schools or courses. Your effort was maybe very high and your result not this much as expected.

The Centro italiano di cultura Fabrizio De André Sanremo is just proposing a new method of studyng, based on the theory of Edgar Dale. The cause that make our general director, Fabio Boero, create this new way of learning is that the Centro italiano Fabrizio De André is not based just in Sanremo but also in Torino, Kiev, Odessa, Moscow. Travelling and directing all those school we realized that most of other schools just proposed a 4/5 hours intensive course that has to be done daily. In this way you will get exact the same course you can find in your home city. Does it make sense ? We think it doesn't. We are in Italy and we decided we can use the time for better than sitting in front of a book or listening some audio material through some cd. In FDA Center you will get 2 hours grammar course and other 2 (and plus) hours activity every day. 

Improve your Italian language with practice every day! Here what you have to know :

  • Our courses start every Monday. You can study as long as you want, from 1 week to long length courses. In case of long time course we will agree with you the best schedule. 
  • Every level of italian is disposal! Since you are studying alone or in a group, we will be very attend to put you in a group that fits you in the best way. 
  • Small groups. We guarantee that the maximum number of students per group is 8 person, min. 4. This will make easier the path of learning. 
  • Professional materials for italian language: we chosen all studying materials with care, to offer you the best way to learn. We proudly use communicative way of learning.
  • the "A team" work with us: we don't hire just mother tongue but we select with care our coworkers. All our teachers have university degree and master DITALS that proof the highest competence in teaching Italian language. 
  • Learn italian in the school - doesn't mean that we will sit just in the school. We selected every day an activity outside and Sanremo is the perfect place to reach, in a few minutes, other Countries like Monaco and France with our excursions. 

 We're located in Sanremo, in the very center of the City and 5 minutes walking to the sea and 15 minutes walking from train station.