Tatiana Sh., July 2017

FDA – Hello, Tatiana! Recently you have returned from your vacation in the city of Sanremo, Italy, where you also attended our courses. Would you like to share your opinion?

- Yes, for sure!

FDA – How good was your Italian before the trip?

- Before the trip my level was A1, and I had already passed the test. At that time, I started and almost finished preparing for A2, but have not passed the test yet.

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Victor Sh., June 2017

FDA – Hello, Victor! You have attended courses of Italian in the city of Sanremo. Can you describe this experience?

- Hello. Of course, it would be a pleasure for me.

FDA – How good was your Italian before the trip?

- B1. I had passed the test before the trip, that is why I am talking with confidence about my level. Now, in Kiev, I will continue my studies and will have had B2 level. After year or two I am planning on achieving C1-C2.

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Elena R., July 2017

FDA – Hello, Elena! Recently you have been on holidays in an Italian city Sanremo and attended educational courses. Your opinion about these courses is valuable for us.

- Hello, I am ready to answer your questions.

FDA – Do you study Italian for yourself or is it needed for your job?

- For myself. I already know English and German, in addition to the Italian now. You can never know too many languages!

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Olga P., June 2017

FDA – Hello, Olga! Recently you have returned from your holidays in Italy, the city of Sanremo. Could you share your feelings about the studying courses in Sanremo?

- Hello! It would be a pleasure!

FDA – How good was your Italian before the trip?

- B1. I work in an Italian company, so my language is on the decent level.

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