Kim San Juan Capistrano, California

Being married to an Italian and constantly visit his family, I wanted to find the best communicate properly with my inlaws.

doesn't come naturally. I currently live thankful at the time to find Fabio. To met several times a week and he was as time to walk me step by step through the then gradually kept adding things as soon capable. He was able to listen to me and progress. By the end of the sessions, I with the language and was able to put was sad when Fabio moved and our lessons

welcome his services again. If only he Anyone would be truly lucky to have lucky to have had experienced his expertise! 

How does it work?

Our programmes are based on the principles of Edgar Dale. Studies of this scholar prove that by ‘digesting’ information you learn it by 90%. Hence, the best way to learn Italian is to go to Italy! Our experts offer a way of studying, where you dive into the real Italian lifestyle. Let us compare the process of studying with a theatre, where the country is the stage, and students are actors. During lessons you ‘learn your part’ (Italian grammar, vocabulary), and during ‘attività' you play this role (communicate with friendly and responsive people from the city of Imperia on the coast of the Ligurian Sea).  

Several times more efficient than regular courses