Grammatica + pratica


The course Grammatica and pratica (italian immersion programs in italy) is our pride. We are the first in the city who created a real experience all included. Fabio Boero, our director, thought : what is the sense to sit 5 hours in a classroom reading material, listening to audio when we are in Italy ? 

This is the goal of Grammatica and pratica (italian immersion programs in italy): we will live a real experience every day, meeting Italian people and talking to them, listening their stories and asking all questions we were thinking about. 

Every day we will sit  2 hours in the classroom working just on grammar. We will repeat from 0 to the beginning of B1. This course is good for people who already have a knowledge of the Italian language but also it's good for those who want just to repeat. 

Every day we will have some exciting activity included in the price. We will meet with people and listen, from their side, all the things that so far we read on books. We will see how Italian ice cream is made, Italian wine, Italian dishes, Italian history and art and so on. All included in your price for the most exciting experience ever.