1. Conditions of enrolment

a)The minimum age of enrolment is 18 years old. Student from 7 to 17 y.o. should be accompanied by an adult who will fill the study request.

b)The student who enroll for the first time should pay the enrollment fee 35 euro, unless this will be taken off by some special offer.

c)There is no refund for the students who do not attend the lesson or who come late.

d)The school reserves the right to modify the course timetable and the total number of hours on the basis of alternative solutions proposed to clients in the event that the minimum number of  participants is not reached. This means that if the minimum number of students is not reached for a group course, the course will be converted , with no increase in price, to individual, semi-individual or mini-group course of fewer hours, corresponding to the commercial value of the group course for which the students had originally enrolled.

e)During lessons students of collective courses must not cause any inconvenience to the other participants; the penalty is removal from the class without any refund.

f)When the student signs the application form or any other registration form for participation, he/she must accept this regulations.


2. Calendar and duration of the lessons

a)The school is normally opened from 01/06 till the 15.09 (summer period). In other period it is possible to organize lessons only for the groups with minimum 5 persons.

b)The lessons are carried from Monday to Friday. The school closes the following days: 1st January,  6 january, 25th April, 15, August, 1st May, 1st November, 25th and 26th December. The hours lost will be made up during the remainder of the course, extending the lessons for the necessary length of time.

c)Group course begin on Every monday of the month for any level.

3. Photo and video

The students agree to transfer their image rights to the Center for the period indicated in the study request. FdA Center will be able to take photos and videos during class or outside activities using them to promote the school in the future;

4. Modality of enrolment

a)Regarding  enrolment, it is necessary to send the application form filled in , in its entirety and the payment of a deposit of 130 Euro. The payment can be made by bank transfer to the current account: 

Banca Popolare, intestato a Boero Fabio codice IBAN IT58 L 05034 49090 000000000155

Vat num. 01591550080

The rest of the payment (without commission) must be effected on the day of arrival ( if the accomodation is booked) , or in the first day of studies.

b)The foreign students who ask for a student visa must contact the Italian Ambassy in their country befor performing all bureaucratic procedured. The certificate of the enrolment issued by the school is one of the conditions to obtain the visa. In order to receive the above-mentioned certificate the student must pay in advance all the cost of the course. In the event that a visa is refused by the embassy, 90% of the amound paid will be refunded, with the exception of 150 EURO for the administrative costs.

4. Conditions of waiver

a)Each waiver must get to the school in writing: letter, fax, or e-mail with the motivation and, if any relative documentation within 15 days since the beginning of the course.

b)In case of waiver less than 2 weeks of the beginning of the course the deposit of 130 Euro will not be refunded. In other case a course can be moved to another period.

5. Contract of travelling and accommodation

a)The school has no responsibility for any damage which the participants and their properties might suffer during the trip or stay.

b)In terms of accommodation for the students , the school acts merely like free intermediary between the landlord and the student and has no responsibility for the relationship between these two parties. The students must accept landlord rules regarding the homestay.

c) Strikes: The school is not responsible in case of late coming of the student due to a train/plane/bus strike. A description of the distance between Sanremo and closest airport is given in the pagehow to find us. FDA Center is not responsible for wrong students plans. The lessons missed cause of late can’t be rescheduled.

6. Health insurance

The students who do not have any insurance against sickness is suggested to have an insurance plan.  The citizen of the European Community have an access to free medical service in Italy if he/she has the modul E111, which can be provided by the medical authority of his/her country befor the departure for Italy. The non-EC students must verify the authority of their countries whether there exists health insurance for their stay in foreign country. In negative case, they should provide a possible insurance during the period of stay in Italy. It is not provided any insurance for any possible damages and accident outside of the school.

7. Competent Tribunal

The tribunal of Italy will be competent to any possible controversy and dissent. According to the law article 196/03 the undersigned agree with the gathering and the treatment of personal data provided and agreed likewise that the same are communicated to the corporation or to the families which provide the hospitality and to insurance company.