Courses for Italian Teachers

Courses for Italian Teachers

Courses For Italian Language Teachers

About the Courses for Italian Language Teachers

The Centro italiano di cultura Fabrizio De André Sanremo is not giving just courses of the Italian language for foreigners. Every year, many teacher of the Italian language come to us to improve their skill and upgrade their method following our special courses for teachers of the Italian language in Italy.

If you want to improve your teaching skills with a courses for teachers of the Italian language in Sanremo, FDA Center offert you a week full of everything is needed to know to face a professional course. The Course will be held by our director Fabio Boero, already teacher in the Latvian University, Moscow state University MPGGU and Cooperator in Kiev and Odessa’s University. The course for teacher will be focused on many different teaching perspective as:

  • Motivation of students, how to increase their motivation and will to listen;
  • How to combine the different aspects of the modern lesson;
  • Books. Which are the best methods to teach and how to complete them;
  • Environment : which is the better atmosphere  to have a complete full immersion in the Italian language ;
  • How to analyze a didactic unit from modern books;
  • Touch from DITALS’ course will be also held in teacher’s course;

This  course is designed for foreigners who work as teachers of the Italian languages in their Countries but also Italians can appy.

In addiction you can also enroll for Master DITALS course in Sanremo. Every teacher can have the possibility to observe the FDA teachers’ lessons and will get a certificate at the end of the course. 

Course info
: 2 times / year
course for italian teachers

Susanne Jungkunst

Unsere beiden Töchter haben in den Pfingstferien einen einwöchigen Kurs bei Fabio belegt und mit großer Begeisterung besucht. Wir geben eine 100% Empfehlung für Fabio und das centro FDA. Die Methodik des Unterrichts ist sehr ausgefeilt und nah am Lerner, neben Einheiten in der Klasse mit Frontalunterricht und interaktiver Partnerarbeit runden jeden Schultag interessante Unterrichtsgänge ab, die es den Lernenden ermöglichen, das frisch Erworbene gleich live anzuwenden. Zusätzlich wird so die Motivation gesteigert und das Verständnis für Italien, seine Menschen und seine Kultur gefördert. Das ist ein einzigartiges Konzept, das absolut und sicher zum Ziel führt.
Die Schule ist im Zentrum von Sanremo gelegen, an einem der bekanntesten Plätze, direkt am Markt und der berühmten Einkaufsstraße Via Palazzo. Vor der Schule befindet sich eine entzückende Bar, in der uns das allmorgendliche Frühstück schnell zur lieben Gewohnheit wurde – dort trifft man täglich die selben Menschen und rasch entspinnen sich Gespräche.
Fazit: Was Didaktik und Lernerfolg anbelangt, hat das centro FDA unsere Erwartung weit übertroffen, wir sprechen für diese Schule eine absolute Empfehlung aus.

Beatrice Neufeldt


A heartfelt thank you to Fabio Boero, my wonderful and brilliant local teacher, a true Sanremesi.

Fabio was the most patient teacher, charming, intelligent and intuitive in dealing with my daily drama in doubting myself. Fabio has been a total gem in the lead up to the final exam CILS, C1. Because of the difficulty of this exam level I had reasearched many schools for over one year and I had travelled all the way from my home country to study locally. It was clear to me that I needed one-on-one lessons. In comparison and in what I could see online about the Fabrizio de André-school and Fabio‘s teaching I was convinced that it would be my best choice. Even better still, the prices were much more economical than in other schools.

Fabio did the most indept repetition of what is truly a maze, whilst giving me the best taste for the Italian language with his unique teaching method. As part of the lessons and to learn more about the Italian culture he has shown me beautiful local places and stayed CALM for me, when I had ‘exam nerves‘.

If you ever think of learning Italian, just for fun or for professional reasons, I can only recommend Fabio and his school.

I have been studying Italian for 7 years and it is really important that at the start one has an encouraging and motivated teacher who sees his students with their individual needs.

Fabio Boero is one of those teachers, in fact, he is one in a million! He goes out of his way to explain the grammar and difficult aspects of the Italian language in a unique and simple way, a method which he has refined in over ten years of didactics.

He is patient and kind and he really cares that his students do well and that they are also having a good time enjoying beautiful Liguria.

What do I need Italian for? I have asked myself that question many times! And more so during times of study when I had my doubts how to survive and pass an exam that has five different parts and takes several hours to sit. It started with a love for the language and a desire to fully connect and amalgamate with the people, culture and customs of Italy, a country that has fascinated me since my childhood.

Over the past few years I have found new friends in Italy and also in my home country, who share this love for language, people and history.

And that is what life is about, we are here to make the most of it and share with others.

Grazie infinite, Fabio. Un vero ringraziamento per una grande e unica esperienza di apprendimento.

OLGA P., JUNE 2017

italian language communicative course

Olga about her Italian language course in Sanremo

FDA – Hello, Olga! Recently you have returned from your holidays in Italy, the city of Sanremo. Could you share your feelings about the studying courses in Sanremo?

– Hello! It would be a pleasure!

FDA – How good was your Italian before the trip?

– B1. I work in an Italian company, so my language is on the decent level.

FDA – You attended the 2-week courses. Did you notice any improvements? Is a 2-week period a lot or a little for you?

– You always want more, of course! However, after these 2 weeks my everyday Italian improved drastically. Moreover, we have got enough time to cover all aspects of grammar. I feel more confident now. Much more confident, I would say. We have not passed the test yet, but I will continue my studies in Kiev soon, so I expect to reach B2 level in the future.

FDA – The motto of the school in Sanremo is ‘Study relaxing!’. How did you feel it? Share your experience with us.

– Just exactly as it sounds! We did study the amount of time we needed to: no less or no more. The process of studying did not bother us, but the final result was perfect. At first, we had our lessons in the classroom, but then we had practice every day! We studied a certain topic and had interesting tasks to consolidate our acquired skills. For example, one of the tasks was to ask people in the streets of Sanremo about different things: cuisine, cultural events, etc.

italian language communicative course
FDA – How do Italian people react to such requests?

– Oh! They can tell you about everything! Sometimes even more you need to know. Italian people are responsive, communicative, can answer your questions with ease.

FDA – What was the most interesting part during these Italian courses in Italy?

– Overall, everything was interesting! It was a family trip: me, my husband, mother-in-law, and my daughter (4 years old). They don’t speak Italian, so it was an additional practice for me to translate everything during trips or excursions. If I were to pick out the most memorable moment, I would say visiting the Factory of Olive Oil in Imperia city. We saw the production of olive oil, logistics, bottling and packaging facility. There is also a Museum of Olive Oil nearby. We discovered a lot of new facts! We saw amphorae that were used in ancient times to transport oil, compared this to modern methods of transportation.

FDA – Was everything in Italian?

– Yes, absolutely everything! It was a great advantage: those who have a language barrier can overcome it very soon. I did not have such problems, and everything was very entertaining. There are many small towns around Sanremo, we had other memorable excursions. Long story short, it was a great vacation!

FDA – What was the most difficult thing about learning?

– I don’t recall any difficulties. Everything was simple and with joy. As I already mentioned, the process of learning did not bother me, but it was extremely effective. For instance, Fabio was explaining grammar in Italian, but if someone had any issues, he switched to Russian. It was not my case, to be fair.

FDA – What would you say to future students of these courses of Italian language in Italy?

– Such trips are very important. Even though it is only for 2 weeks, this time is not wasted. You study, develop your skills, gather experience of peoples and cultures, relax on the beach of the Ligurian Sea. By studying like that, you have no other way but to speak Italian and to improve grammar, which is quite complicated.

FDA - Are you planning to continue your studies in Italy in the Cultural Centre of Fabrizio de André?

– Yes, this is in my plans and in my wishes, which is more important!

FDA – Thank you for the interview. Good luck!


italian language classes in italy

Victor about his Italian language course in Sanremo

FDA – Hello, Victor! You have attended courses of Italian in the city of Sanremo. Can you describe this experience?

– Hello. Of course, it would be a pleasure for me.

FDA – How good was your Italian before the trip?

– B1. I had passed the test before the trip, that is why I am talking with confidence about my level. Now, in Kiev, I will continue my studies and will have had B2 level. After year or two I am planning on achieving C1-C2.

FDA – You have spent 2 weeks in Sanremo. In your opinion, was it a lot or little?

– A little. However, even a 2-week period was very useful. I would not get such an experience in Kiev. You know, when you are in the foreign culture, you are ‘forced’ to know the language. There is no other way. It is just necessary to understand all the questions and being able to answer quickly and correctly. Of course, I would like to stay there for a longer period, because our memory cannot fully develop within 14 days.

FDA – Do you need Italian for your work?

– I need it for myself, actually. Also, it can be required for my future work, probably.

italian language classes in italy
FDA – The motto of the school in Sanremo is ‘Study relaxing!’. How did you feel it?

– I felt 100% of this motto! I am very satisfied with Italy – it was the first time for me to be there. Early in the morning, before the start of our classes, I went to the beach, and tried to go there in the afternoon. Although we were studying hard in the class and during practice exercise, I had enough time to relax. Everything was simply perfect! I had a great fun while studying: we had to come up with interesting questions for different people we faced in the city or during excursions. Moreover, it was important to interpret their answer correctly! Interacting and communicating with other people is a necessity in our lives: you should be able to know how to get to this or that place, where to buy food, or how to refill your balance. It is like the school of life. In addition to that, I had a great vacation by the Ligurian Sea.

FDA – What was the most interesting part about these courses?

– I would say communicating with the great people. With the owner of the clothes shop in Sanremo; with those who work at the factory producing olive oil in Imperia; with a guy from a restaurant-bar who shared the information about his business with us.

FDA – What was the most difficult thing for you?

– To be honest, I do not know. To return home! Talking about courses, it was difficult to study grammar for 2 hours in the morning when you are on holidays! I already know all aspects of grammar, so it was just a repetition for me. Probably, it would be more useful to learn more idiomatic expressions or phrases spoken by native people in Italy.

FDA – Did you live in an Italian family?

– No, I lived in the student dormitory.

FDA – What would be your message to the future students of the courses in Sanremo?

– What can I tell them! I would rather have them wish for me to join them any time soon. I would like to visit every place that I did not have time for. For example, we had one issue during one of the trips: the museum we planned to visit was closed, so we had to go to another place.

FDA – Are you planning to continue your studies in Italy in the Cultural Centre of Fabrizio de André?

– Oh, I would like to continue, but I cannot afford it right now. That is why I am going to study in Kiev.

FDA – Do you have any plans about passing an international exam to get CILS certificate from the University of Siena?

– Yes, I plan to do this. Great that you can get the certificate in Kiev.

FDA – Thank you, Victor, wish you good luck!

– Always glad to help.

Elena R., July 2017

italian school sanremo

Elena about her Italian language course in Sanremo

FDA – Hello, Elena! Recently you have been on holidays in an Italian city Sanremo and attended educational courses. Your opinion about these courses is valuable for us.

– Hello, I am ready to answer your questions.

FDA – Do you study Italian for yourself or is it needed for your job?

– For myself. I already know English and German, in addition to the Italian now. You can never know too many languages!

FDA – How good was your Italian before the trip?

– A1

FDA – You did a 2-week studying course. Is it a lot or little for you?

– Enough. We covered all aspects of grammar, all tenses. Also, improved vocabulary. This autumn I will start studying A2, and I do not have to worry about it now: we covered many topics needed for A2. I feel like I could even pass the test.

italian school sanremo
FDA- The motto of the school in Sanremo is ‘Study relaxing’! How did you feel it?

– Frankly speaking, I really liked the school itself: I learnt about the history of Italy due to fascinating excursions.

FDA – What are your thoughts on the cultural programme?

– It was perfect! Fabio is the person who is right where he needs to be. He did everything for us: interesting trips, excursions, classes and our ‘attività.

FDA - What was the most exciting part about courses in Italy!

– Practice! Different niceties of Italian. It was cool to get into it and use them in everyday vocabulary. Excursions were very memorable, too.

FDA – What places did you visit?

– We visited the Museum of Olive Oil in Imperia city. Went to Taggia. The excursion in the historical part of Sanremo was very interesting, indeed. Our guide is a genuine expert in his field.

FDA – Did you like the Ligurian Sea?

– Yes, I really liked it. We had an opportunity to go to the beach every day: in the evening or in the afternoon during the break. I got a nice tan. My friends even decided that I went on holidays just to relax, not to study.

FDA – Did you take part in the Italian aperitif?

– Sure, it was a part of our ‘attività’. We were in the same bohemian bar in Sanremo. We liked it.

FDA – What was the most difficult thing about studying?

– My level is A1, so the most difficult thing was not to get lost during the studying course, not to get confused. This course was intended for more experienced speakers, for B1, I would say.

FDA – If anyone had any difficulties, was there a person to help you in Russian?

– Of course, Fabio helped us, switched to Russian when needed. However, once an Italian guy started talking to us in Russian. We had a topic ‘Clothes’ and were practicing our skills by buying things in the shops in the streets. The owner of one shop, his name is also Fabio, was studying Russian, and he was happy to have a conversation with us in both languages.

FDA – Are you planning to continue your studies in Italy in the Cultural Centre of Fabrizio de André?

– Unfortunately, no, I think. The reason is that I do not need a diploma. As I heard, other students will keep studying because they do need the diploma. I will finish A2 level in Kiev and develop Italian on my own in the future. You see, after finishing courses in Sanremo, we traveled a bit on our own – thanks to these courses! We visited Alassio, Nice, Genova, Monaco. Purchase of the tickets, traveling in public transport – it will be impossible without studying in the Centre of Culture FDA.

FDA – Elena, thank you for the interview.


italian language course in Sanremo

Tatiana about her Italian language course in Sanremo

FDA – Hello, Tatiana! Recently you have returned from your vacation in the city of Sanremo, Italy, where you also attended our courses. Would you like to share your opinion?

– Yes, for sure!

FDA – How good was your Italian before the trip?

– Before the trip my level was A1, and I had already passed the test. At that time, I started and almost finished preparing for A2, but have not passed the test yet.

FDA – You attended a 2-week course. Were there any significant changes? Was this period enough for you?

– Yes, the progress can be seen with the naked eye. However, I think that additional one or two weeks to consolidate the results would be perfect. Anyway, I started to talk in Italian. Practically everywhere! In the shop or in the ticket office. I was able to buy a train ticket by myself. I also started to use tenses in the conversation.

FDA – The motto of the school in Sanremo is ‘Study relaxing!’. How did you feel it? Share your experience, please.

– We were relaxing, for real. In the morning we had lectures, then ‘attività’ (various excursions, trips), in the afternoon – rest. It was a combination of relaxing and studying.

italian language course in Sanremo
FDA – Is Sanremo a popular resort?

– Yes, there are many tourists in Sanremo, the sea is perfect, but I liked the beaches in the nearby towns more. However, in Sanremo there are no problems with the beaches: you can choose either paid or free beaches.

FDA – Did you take part in the genuine Italian aperitif?

– Yes, I did it twice. It happened in the popular with the musicians bar. The thing is that the festival is organized in Sanremo for many years in a row, and singers, musicians like to spend time in this bar. Italian aperitif is when you order just a drink, wine, or cocktail, and waiters bring you a dish with numerous appetizers: olives, canape, etc. You sit on the porch with the sea view, listen to music, have a great time. This is great.

FDA – What was the most interesting part about these courses in Italy?

– The teacher!

FDA – Fabio?

– Yes, in Italy we had Fabio only. I liked the everyday active work. And everything is in Italian! At first, it was difficult to understand Italian terminology. During the second week I understood everything! This is why I say that I would like to study for a little more, the third week, for example.

FDA – Did Fabio switch to Russian when somebody needed help?

– Yes, he knows Russian, but there were moments when we did not understand some words, asked him to explain in Russia, and then he translated.

FDA - What was the most difficult part during the studying process?

– There were no difficulties at all. I liked everything.

FDA – Did you live in the Italian family?

– Yes. I had an opportunity to choose, and I chose living in the family. I had a wonderful hostess: a young woman, around 40 years old. She cooked breakfasts and lunches, so we had a chance to chat. She has two kids – a girl of 10 years old, and a 6-year-old boy – as I understood, they were at their grandmother’s house at that time. I was having dinner on my own: prepared it by myself – the hostess did not mind at all, on the contrary, she provided me with everything I needed; also very often were having dinner in the restaurant.

FDA – What would you say to the future students of these courses in Italy?

– If there is an opportunity and you can afford it, you should go there. There is no place in the world where you can learn new words faster than in the foreign culture. You simply cannot learn new language faster and better in any other place.

FDA - Are you planning to continue your studies in Italy in the Cultural Centre of Fabrizio de André?

– I will definitely continue it in Kiev: pass all the levels. Talking about studying next year in Sanremo – yes, I would like to go there.

FDA – Do you have any plans about passing an international exam to get CILS certificate from the University of Siena?

– Yes, I do. You can pass this test twice a year – in winter and in spring. So I want to try it in winter.

FDA – Tatiana, do you learn Italian for yourself, or do you need it for your job?

– For myself. It somehow happened that I often travel to Italy. I have visited many cities. I really like this country. I would like to study in Italy as well.

FDA – Are Italians sympathetic people?

– Yes, they are very kind. When they see that you are a foreigner who tries to speak in Italian in the shop or in the restaurant, they have respect for you.

FDA – Thank you for the interview. Good luck!

Mohamed, Nice, France

Merci, pour la qualite des cours, tres bien structures grazie mille!!!! Sono pronto per una buona integrazione in Italia. Mohamed Nice France

Fatima Arfaoui

Fabio!!!Tu peux pas imaginer combien connu un vrai prof de la langue Italienne!!! beaucoup de choses que je savais pas connu des tecniques et des methodes qui professionnelle.En plus tu’es très simpatique!!!! pour une’autre occasion INSHAALLAH!!!!!

Anna Goteborg, Sweden

Fabio är en väldigt engagerad lärare yrke. Han är pedagogisk i sina förklaringar hade lätt att förstå även om undervisningen trodde innan att det skulle vara svårt att undervisningen var på italienska men tills man har förstått ordentligt.