Beatrice Neufeldt


A heartfelt thank you to Fabio Boero, my wonderful and brilliant local teacher, a true Sanremesi.

Fabio was the most patient teacher, charming, intelligent and intuitive in dealing with my daily drama in doubting myself. Fabio has been a total gem in the lead up to the final exam CILS, C1. Because of the difficulty of this exam level I had reasearched many schools for over one year and I had travelled all the way from my home country to study locally. It was clear to me that I needed one-on-one lessons. In comparison and in what I could see online about the Fabrizio de André-school and Fabio‘s teaching I was convinced that it would be my best choice. Even better still, the prices were much more economical than in other schools.

Fabio did the most indept repetition of what is truly a maze, whilst giving me the best taste for the Italian language with his unique teaching method. As part of the lessons and to learn more about the Italian culture he has shown me beautiful local places and stayed CALM for me, when I had ‘exam nerves‘.

If you ever think of learning Italian, just for fun or for professional reasons, I can only recommend Fabio and his school.

I have been studying Italian for 7 years and it is really important that at the start one has an encouraging and motivated teacher who sees his students with their individual needs.

Fabio Boero is one of those teachers, in fact, he is one in a million! He goes out of his way to explain the grammar and difficult aspects of the Italian language in a unique and simple way, a method which he has refined in over ten years of didactics.

He is patient and kind and he really cares that his students do well and that they are also having a good time enjoying beautiful Liguria.

What do I need Italian for? I have asked myself that question many times! And more so during times of study when I had my doubts how to survive and pass an exam that has five different parts and takes several hours to sit. It started with a love for the language and a desire to fully connect and amalgamate with the people, culture and customs of Italy, a country that has fascinated me since my childhood.

Over the past few years I have found new friends in Italy and also in my home country, who share this love for language, people and history.

And that is what life is about, we are here to make the most of it and share with others.

Grazie infinite, Fabio. Un vero ringraziamento per una grande e unica esperienza di apprendimento.