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Buna, Fabio!  Cursul tinut de tine a fost foarte interesant, mi-a placut in special metoda ta de lucru , reuseai sa ne tii treaza atentia tot timpul ( lucru ce nu reusea intotdeauna tuturor profesorilor  😮 ) .I also study russian language in Moscow Mult noroc in continuare, in toate proiectele pe care le vei intreprinde!

Nataliya K., Kiev

I could not even imagine how cool it would be in this school! The learning process turned out to be a real adventure: apart from everyday lessons in the classroom, there was also a motorino ride (che esperienza italiana!)… Работая в итальянской компании и 7 месяцев изучая (вернее мучая:() итальянский, этим летом я собралась на …

italian business course in italy

‎Ekateryna Sh., Kiev

I liked the intense program of studying! I liked to study Italian in Sanremo. I liked the way Fabio shared information with us. As for me, these 3 weeks were the biggest impulse for me to continue learning the Italian language from now on. Thanks to the whole team! Мне понравилось изучение языка интенсивно! Мне …

‎Ekateryna V., Kiev

I have returned from Sanremo, where I had a 1-week course of Italian, a few days ago. It is very difficult for me to express all of the feelings and emotions I got in that school! Прошло менее недели как я вернулась из Санремо, где я проходила недельный интенсив итальянского языка. И мне очень трудно …