More than 200 students,  so far, had achieved the CILS certificate in out School successfully!

We are the only accredited CILS center in Sanremo and  in the whole province that can certify the competence in the Italian language as foreign language.

Why? To became a branch of the University of Siena every school have to go through a very serious selection. Every thing is under inspection, experience of teachers, qualifications, location of the Italian language school and so on.

We are very proud to be the only center in Sanremo but this is also a big responsibility. Every year all our teachers have to attend special courses to upgrade their teaching skills. 

For lots of students get the CILS certificate is a very important step.                                 

The CILS exam is acknowledged in the whole world, in every Country that recognize Italy as a Country and the Italian university as part of the Country. 

3 steps to get

a certificate CILS


Preparation to CILS exam

Our Course CILS is one of the most effective ways to prepare for the exam. All our teachers are continuously monitored by the University and before become administrators, they have to follow and pass an exam held by the University.  


Take exam

Exam is hold in our school. Please, read the updated dates of the exam for the next year and learn the fees. 


Get Certificate

Once passed exam, you will need to wait for 45 days to get the results, and other 40-60 days to get a certificate.

How is CILS Organized ?

The exam is made into 5 parts:

  • Listening;
  • Reading;
  • grammar/logic;
  • written;
  • oral;

Which is my level?

The CILS Certificate is made in 6 levels: Level A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2. In addiction you can find for levels A2, B1 and B2 modules for different kind of partecipats as people who already live in Italy, children from 8 to 11 years old and teenagers from 12 to 18 years old. All special modules, except for the A1/A2 made for those who live in Italy and need to obtain their living permit, can be done both in Italy or abroad.   

All the exams are designed following the rules of the Common European Framework of Reference for languages.

European standard
Basic user
Level A1
Level A2
Independent user
Level 1 – B1
Level 2 – B2
Competent user
Level 3 – C1
Level 4 – C2

Levels :

 level A1, level A2, level ONE-B1, level TWO-B2, level THREE-C1, level FOUR-C2.

For levels A1, A2 and B1, CILS also offers modules for different types of participants:

  • A1 and A2 module for integration in Italy, aimed for those who already live and work in Italy; 
  • A1 and A2 for children aged 8 to 11 years who are in educational contexts in Italy and abroad
  • A1 and A2 for teenagers, between 12 and 15 years old;
  • B1 for teenagers between 14 and 18 years old; 
  • B1 for Italian citizenship

Why certificate your competence in Italian?

Because CILS

  • guarantees the assessment of your competence in Italian as a foreign language: all our exams are aligned with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) – the international standard for describing language ability
  • is chosen each year by thousands of foreigners, young people and adults, in Italy and abroad,; the exams open doors to higher education, such as enrolment at Italian universities, to visa and residence permit, improve employment opportunities, and increase choice for study or work, and can be used in any further area in which a certain level of proficiency in the Italian language is required
  • exams are held at exam centres which have been carefully examined and selected according to standards of quality and transparency and continuously monitored.

How Much Participation in Exam Costs?

Cost of the exam
Cost per every single part (repeat)
A1 & A2
40 euro
12 euro
Uno B1
90 euro
22 euro
Uno B1 citizenship
150 euro
Uno B1 teenagers
70 euro
17 euro
Due B2
105 euro
23 euro
Tre C1
135 euro
30 euro
Quattro C2
160 euro
35 euro

How to enroll?

The dates of the exam are decided, year by year, by the University of Siena and it’s not possible to change it.

For this reason the enrollment procedure has to be done in advance. If you want to get your certificate get in touch with us and we will tell you what is the date that suits you and how to pay. You need just to fill our modules, pay through our bank account and send us a readable scan of your passport. 

FDA – can’t give back money in the case of absence of the students the day of the exam.  

Our center organizes special courses made to help you going through CILS exam. The courses are organized before the exam.
work italian permit

Residence Permit Course

Our special course of the Italian language for getting your Italian working permit is a short intensive course of 2 or 4 weeks.

Italian Citizenship Exam

Better prepare yourself for the Italian citizenship exam with this preparatory course work.
corso CILS

Online Preparation to CILS Exam

Online Preparation to CILS Exam Webinar CILS Our online course for CILS Preparation is organized by the Italian Cultural Center

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