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Sanremo is a small city on the Mediterranean coast of western Liguria in North western Italy. You can easily get to Sanremo on a plane, car, bus or train. 


There is no an airport in Sanremo. The closest airport, in terms of kilometers, is Nice, France. (NCE) .Other closest airports are Genova, Cuneo and Milano’s airport. 


You can get to Sanremo getting into the highway “Autostrada dei fiori” coming from Switzerland, France or Italy.


From Rome you can get 2 direct trains, from Milano you can get a train every 2 hours. The trip is around 7 hours from Rome and 3.50 hours from Milan.


Several bus leave everyday from Genova, Milano or Turin.


You can easily get to the school using a bus from Ventimiglia or from Imperia. From Ventimiglia you have to stop in Via Roma and walk your way up for around 500 metres. From Imperia you can stop in Colombo’ square, walking in Via Palazzo and you can get to the school after 8 minutes walk. 

How to get to Sanremo from Nizza’s(Nice, NCE) airport:

1. Taxi. The taxi will run around 56 km for a cost that can be around 120 and 220 euro. 

2. DIrect Train “Thello” wich run twice per day. To have better info check the french railway site.

3. Regional train with change in Ventimiglia, around 1 hour trip. 

From Milan to Sanremo :

1. Taxi. The trip is around 3 hours, for the prices it’s better to ask in the official taxi’s place.

2. Train: this is the best way from Milan. There are direct trains every 2 hours, starting from 7 am until 9 pm. The trip lasts around 3 hours and 45 minutes for a cost from 20 to 38 euro. To prepay your journey or getting updated info check

With the car:

You can easily get to Sanremo through highway A10 from Genova, From Torino/Savona or Nice.

Sanremo Map