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DITALS’ certificate is one of the best certificate that a teacher of the Italian language can have. The DITALS Centre is partner of EAQUALS International Association – Evaluation and Accreditation of Quality in Language Services and this warrant the highest standard into teaching skills development. DITALS Certification attests that holders have the theoretical and practical skills necessary to work as L2 Italian teachers. There are, so far, 3 different levels of DITALS Certification: 


  1. DITALS BASE : Designed for whose not mother tongue teachers working as Italian teachers abroad, can be also took by Italians;
  2. DITALS first level (DITALS I) is designed for Italians native language working as teachers of the Italian language for foreigners in Italy and abroad. The certificate prove the competence and skills in methodology;
  3. DITALS second level (DITALS II): Designed for Italian native language speakers working as Teachers of the Italian language, prove the advanced knowledge of the Italian language teaching  skills;
  4. MASTER DITALS :  This is complete Master which can be taken after University degree just in the University of Siena;

Why choose DITALS Certification?

DITALS certificate among other Teaching’ certificates is one of the most famous and well recognized in Italy and abroad. It ensures assessment of the teaching competence in Italian as a Foreign Language on the basis of valid and reliable criteria, in accordance with the parameters laid down by the European Profiling Grid

 Are you looking for a course of the Italian language in Sanremo, Italy ? Are you looking to get your certificate of the Italian language CILS in Sanremo ? Are you looking to get your DITALS certificate in Sanremo?  The answer to this question is ” Come to the Centro italiano di cultura Fabrizio De André! We are official branch of the University of Siena for both CILS and DITALS certificate in Sanremo, Italy!


If you work with the Italian language in Italy or abroad you may be interested into taking the DITALS I certificate. 

The DITALS I Certificate, certifies a good teaching skills in Italian methodology regarding to specific students like children, teenagers, adults and elderly, immigrants, university students, learners of Italian origins and so on. 

In our Centro italiano di cultura Fabrizio De André Sanremo you can certify your skills through the certificate DITALS which is issued by the DITALS Center inside of the Università per stranieri di Siena. Both your theoretical and practical skills will be improved getting prepared to the DITALS Certificate. If you aspire to be a teacher of the Italian language in Italy and abroad, the DITALS may be right for you. 

All the training courses, if needed, will be monitored by the University. 

DITALS I exam structure:

SECTION A: Analysis of teaching materials and input text section A (score: minimum 18 max 30)

SECTION B: Analysis and didactic exploitation of given text (18/30)

SECTION C: General and specific glottodidactic knowledge in relation to a profile of learners (min. 24 max 40)