Elena about her Italian language course in Sanremo

FDA – Hello, Elena! Recently you have been on holidays in an Italian city Sanremo and attended educational courses. Your opinion about these courses is valuable for us.

– Hello, I am ready to answer your questions.

FDA – Do you study Italian for yourself or is it needed for your job?

– For myself. I already know English and German, in addition to the Italian now. You can never know too many languages!

FDA – How good was your Italian before the trip?

– A1

FDA – You did a 2-week studying course. Is it a lot or little for you?

– Enough. We covered all aspects of grammar, all tenses. Also, improved vocabulary. This autumn I will start studying A2, and I do not have to worry about it now: we covered many topics needed for A2. I feel like I could even pass the test.

italian school sanremo
FDA- The motto of the school in Sanremo is ‘Study relaxing’! How did you feel it?

– Frankly speaking, I really liked the school itself: I learnt about the history of Italy due to fascinating excursions.

FDA – What are your thoughts on the cultural programme?

– It was perfect! Fabio is the person who is right where he needs to be. He did everything for us: interesting trips, excursions, classes and our ‘attività.

FDA - What was the most exciting part about courses in Italy!

– Practice! Different niceties of Italian. It was cool to get into it and use them in everyday vocabulary. Excursions were very memorable, too.

FDA – What places did you visit?

– We visited the Museum of Olive Oil in Imperia city. Went to Taggia. The excursion in the historical part of Sanremo was very interesting, indeed. Our guide is a genuine expert in his field.

FDA – Did you like the Ligurian Sea?

– Yes, I really liked it. We had an opportunity to go to the beach every day: in the evening or in the afternoon during the break. I got a nice tan. My friends even decided that I went on holidays just to relax, not to study.

FDA – Did you take part in the Italian aperitif?

– Sure, it was a part of our ‘attività’. We were in the same bohemian bar in Sanremo. We liked it.

FDA – What was the most difficult thing about studying?

– My level is A1, so the most difficult thing was not to get lost during the studying course, not to get confused. This course was intended for more experienced speakers, for B1, I would say.

FDA – If anyone had any difficulties, was there a person to help you in Russian?

– Of course, Fabio helped us, switched to Russian when needed. However, once an Italian guy started talking to us in Russian. We had a topic ‘Clothes’ and were practicing our skills by buying things in the shops in the streets. The owner of one shop, his name is also Fabio, was studying Russian, and he was happy to have a conversation with us in both languages.

FDA – Are you planning to continue your studies in Italy in the Cultural Centre of Fabrizio de André?

– Unfortunately, no, I think. The reason is that I do not need a diploma. As I heard, other students will keep studying because they do need the diploma. I will finish A2 level in Kiev and develop Italian on my own in the future. You see, after finishing courses in Sanremo, we traveled a bit on our own – thanks to these courses! We visited Alassio, Nice, Genova, Monaco. Purchase of the tickets, traveling in public transport – it will be impossible without studying in the Centre of Culture FDA.

FDA – Elena, thank you for the interview.