How we study the topic “Food”?

How we study the topic "Food"

‘Learning a new topic from a book is good, but it is better to do it in appropriate atmosphere’ – this was the thought of our teachers, as they went with our students to their good friend Marciello, owner of a beautiful bar right in the centre of Sanremo, Eroi Sanremesi Square (Heroes Square). Marciello was so kind to tell us about his business, students could ask any questions they wanted to and got comprehensive answers. Maybe this is why their homework – write a dialogue about the meeting – was completed by 150%!


Learning a foreign language in a country where it is spoken you get a lot of opportunities for practicing. Italy is a unique country because people there are very friendly. They react kindly to any requests and are very proud when foreigners try to speak in Italian. Obviously, they have very strong patriotic feelings. Marciello is similar: it was very interesting to talk to him in very relaxing atmosphere.


And our students were not confused at all! On the contrary, they took maximum advantage of that opportunity. They asked many questions about all niceties of his business. It was obvious that some students were really into entrepreneurship in Italy. It is not a surprise because Marciello told and showed them everything. We had a short, but very informative trip: Marciello taught us how to make an ice-cream and bake croissants – a must-have for Italian breakfast. In that atmospheres students were discussing such topics as: ‘What people eat for breakfast in Italy’, ‘What drinks Italians have during a day’, ‘In a café/bar/restaurant’. As the saying goes, attività was a success.

Professor Fabio Boero was satisfied with the results of the lesson: every student had an excellent grade for his/her homework. In fact, it is better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times! Afterwards, everyone who wanted could visit Sanremo Central Market – it is located right near Corso Matteotti pedestrian zone – and they could apply acquired skills to buy products or souvenirs by themselves. But that is another story…

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