Courses for Italian Teachers

Courses for Italian Teachers

Courses For Italian Language Teachers

About the Courses for Italian Language Teachers

The Centro italiano di cultura Fabrizio De André Sanremo is not giving just courses of the Italian language for foreigners. Every year, many teacher of the Italian language come to us to improve their skill and upgrade their method following our special courses for teachers of the Italian language in Italy.

If you want to improve your teaching skills with a courses for teachers of the Italian language in Sanremo, FDA Center offert you a week full of everything is needed to know to face a professional course. The Course will be held by our director Fabio Boero, already teacher in the Latvian University, Moscow state University MPGGU and Cooperator in Kiev and Odessa’s University. The course for teacher will be focused on many different teaching perspective as:

  • Motivation of students, how to increase their motivation and will to listen;
  • How to combine the different aspects of the modern lesson;
  • Books. Which are the best methods to teach and how to complete them;
  • Environment : which is the better atmosphere  to have a complete full immersion in the Italian language ;
  • How to analyze a didactic unit from modern books;
  • Touch from DITALS’ course will be also held in teacher’s course;

This  course is designed for foreigners who work as teachers of the Italian languages in their Countries but also Italians can appy.

In addiction you can also enroll for Master DITALS course in Sanremo. Every teacher can have the possibility to observe the FDA teachers’ lessons and will get a certificate at the end of the course. 

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: 2 times / year
course for italian teachers

Online Preparation to CILS Exam

corso CILS

Online Preparation to CILS Exam

Webinar CILS

Our online course for CILS Preparation is organized by the Italian Cultural Center Fabrizio De André, that organizes the CILS Exam almost for 10 years. The teachers of the FDA Center, with great experience in the administration of the CILS exam, will help you to strengthen your preparation and find answers to the many questions related to the exam and its evaluation.

Sign up  now and get the link where you can watch OUR WEBINAR!

After CILS Preparation Webinar you will...

  • You will know the official list of grammatical topics necessary to pass your level according to the University guidelines;
  • You will be able to simulate the exam CILS at home, using the tests materials of past years that you will receive by mail;
  • You will know how to get prepared for the oral test;
  • You will receive schemes that can be used for preparation that you will not find on any site or book;
  • You will have a clear idea of how to best use your time both during the exam and during the preparation;
  • You will feel safer and quieter to better face the test!
  • You can have a consultation with Fabio Boero before the exam * * (only in case of participation in the seminar with the “complete” package)

Who will Conduct Webinar CILS?

Fabio Boero

Founder of the Italian Cultural Center Fabrizio de Andrè

In the last years he has been occupied by:


  • Student training on Preparation for CILS certification;
  • Administration of CILS exams;
  • Teaching Italian Language for foreigners in Italy and abroad (collaborating with: Riga State University, MGPPU University of Moscow, Kiev Shevchenko University, Odessa Mechnikova University, etc.);
  • Training of Italian language teachers for foreigners;
  • Training related to the DITALS exam and internships for teachers;
  • Italian courses for lawyers and economists;
  • Cultural events and professional conversation clubs;
Italian teacher Sanremo



Unlimited access to video-lesson;
Possibility of receiving the presentation in PDF;
Possibility to receive the grammatical themes necessary to pass the exam;



Unlimited access to video-lesson;
Possibility of receiving the presentation in PDF;
Possibility to receive the grammatical themes necessary to pass the exam;
Examples of the past exams;
Possibility to send your questions which will receive a quick reply;
1 hour of consultation with our experts via skype to check your level of preparation;
Support via email before the CILS exam with the advice how to overcome it in the best way;

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Grazie Fabio è stata una magnifica esperienza Il corso d'Italiano fatto con te, sei un eccelente insegnante

E stato un bravo professore una bella esperienza

Ho fatto il corso d'italiano con Fabio.Mi sono trovata molto bene,riesce a fare le lezioni in un' atmosfera tranquilla e rilassante.Veramente ottimo!

la mia esperienza en la escuela fue maravillosa el maestro he divertente

Excellentes cours, professeur (Fabio Boero) très attentif, visites des endroits interessants à Liguria... j'ai passé un très bon moment à Sanremo!

Снимок экрана 2019-11-29 в 11.45.22

Очень рекомендую данную школу. Занятия организованы очень интересно, много узнаешь не только об особенностях языка, но и о культуре, искусстве и менталитете Италии. Спасибо за чудесный отпуск❤️ Bravo Fabio 😊

E fatto el corso con il professore Fabio boero e mi a piaciuto come corso grazie mille

Molto. Bello. È. Interessante. Ho imparato molto.

martha anna

Sono super contenta di aver fatto il corso con il Fabio. E un prof da 10 e lode.E ho imparate tante cose sulla lingua italiano. Grazie prof!

Io sono stata molto contenta a fare il corso con professore Fabio Boero e bravissimo. Vi lo consiglio.

Me pëlqeu shume kursi i italishtes u ndjeva mirë e gjithçka ishte shumë e qartë e gjitha kjo ngaqë ishte mësuesi jonë Fabio e pse ishte i vështirë për mua ai mi bëri gjërat më të lehta mbeta shumë e kënaqur nga gjithçka flm shumë Fabio

Этот курс очень мне помог подтянуть итальянский разговорный. И научиться писать и читать по итальянски. Мои знакомые сразу заметили разницу в том как я стала говорить. Очень советую всем.

E' Stata una bella esperienza, la grande professionalità del professore Fabio grazie di averci insegnato, grazie di cuore

Ho fatto corso di lingua italiana con Fabio Boero è una persona molto preparata e spiega molto bene le lezione. Là ringrazio tanto.

E molto piacevole fare il corso.. Impariamo divertendoci

Ho fatto il corso con il prof. Boero Fabio, è una persona molto preparata e spiega molto bene. Sono molto contenta di lui.