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Italian lessons Online

About Italian lessons Online

Here at Centro Fabrizio de andré, we wish that all students could make the special trip to stunning Sanremo to take part in our courses, but we also understand that is is not always possible.

That is exactly why we now offer bespoke online courses; so that anybody can learn the beauty of the Italian language from the comfort of their own home.   

The lessons are provided from our school, you can interact with your teacher and see dashboard and books. Classes are booked according to students’ level so that teachers can provide personalized attention. It’s also possible to book a group online lesson of the Italian language with other students who are same level. 

With individual online Italian lesson you can have a one-to-one interaction with your teacher, with group online Italian lessons you can interact also with other students. 

Course info
: everyday
Student ratio
: 1-to-1
: 0 – advances C2
: on request
: general, business, CILS preparation
italian lessons online with native speaker

Advantages of studying online.

As well as being able to take the course remotely, there are many advantages to studying a foreign language online and taking part in our Italian lessons via skype.  

  • Go at your own pace – with an online course you can set your own schedule and take part in lessons most convenient for you.
  • Most students take online courses on a 1-1 basis, so you will not feel any pressure from any other student to speed up or slow down the speed of your learning.  
  • If you prefer to take your classes with other students, there is the possibility to schedule group sessions online, which are always full of conversation and a lot of fun.  
  • Use multiple resources at one time, it is easy to use your laptop, books and other language learning tools whilst taking part in your online lessons.     
italian lessons online

Who this course is for.  

Our skype Italian lessons has made the study of Italian online so easy and is our most accessible course to date; literally anybody can enrol, from any corner of the globe.

Our online course is also a great option for those who live life on the move, as lessons can take place anywhere that you have access to a computer/phone/tablet and an internet connection.  

The Italian lessons online that we offer are no different from those that take place in our classrooms. Same fantastic teachers, and the same brilliant course content.  

What you will learn:  

Depending on your skill level, all of our online Italian courses online are tailor-made to match your abilities and experiences.  

All of our teachers are experienced in teaching both complete beginners looking to try out Italian for the first time; and seasoned speakers, looking to develop their vocabulary.

The aim of our online courses and all courses for that matter are to help you achieve your language goals efficiently, in the most fun and enjoyable way possible.    


The lessons are provide with technical support of Headphone and microphone with camera facing the dashboard.  

Italian Lessons online

Brava persona ha tanta passione per il suo lavoro te spiega le cose con professionalità

Mi piace Fabio come insegnante! 😊

Fabio boero e un insegnante molto preparato la sua scuola e la numero 1

Я учусь на курсах по изучению итальянского. Очень хороший Преподаватель Фабио. Узнала очень много нового 👍👍👍

Фабио молодец.! Наши занятия проходили интересно! Продуктивно! Доходчиво преподавал, учил нашу группу. Дружественная атмосфера в школе. Фабио интересно проводит экскурсии. Советую только эту школу для хорошего знания итальянского языка! 🙌

Me gusto mucho el curso profesor Fabio sus clases fueron dinamicas 👍

Un corso davvero impegnativo e di un grande Aiuto per chi ha intenzione die avere un certificazione in italiano.

Un esperienza bellissima.compagni meravigliosi. Grande Fabio.

Nice one Fabio, it been a nice time with you on this course 👍👍👍

A stata una esperienza molto bella...di questo corso di italiano..anche se di parte mia solo ho presso il corso di 12 di si grazie Fabio....

Я прошла курс подготовки к CILS A2, я очень рада, что обратилась в эту школу, было очень интересно заниматься, хочу выразить благодарность преподавателям Fabio и Дженифер, рекомендую их всем своим друзьям и коллегам!!!


Было супер! Все очень понравилось, курсы класс! Аттивита очень крутая! Спасибо девочки, спасибо Фабио. Фабио молодец )))


Была здесь 2 недели, все хорошо, очень понравилось, Фабио молодец!


I had summer course grammatica and pratica with my family! We love Italy and plan to move😊 fabio is the best teacher ever and other students voice. We had a wonderful time

Я долго выбирала центр в Италии, чтобы поехать учить итальянский с дочкой. Этот центр меня привлек доступностью информации. Все резюме есть на сайте, я посмотрела видео - сразу понимаешь что тебя ждет. Нам попалась замечательная семья. Мы жили у Сильвии, наши дети нашли общий язык. Поэтому мы проводили много времени вместе, ходили на пляж. Естественно постоянно практиковали итальянский. Школа расположена в центре , до моря 5 минут! Отличное место, всем рекомендую!


Лучшая школа итальянского языка!!! Профессиональный подход к работе, интересные экскурсии и замечательные преподаватели! Спасибо большое!!

Il corso mi è piaciuto tanto, ho imparato tante cose grazie a questa scuola e vi consiglio di frequentare questo corso perché merita. Grazie tante

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