Wine and olive oil production

Wine and olive oil production

Fabio Boero likes to repeat that the real Italy is not that much about big and loud cities, but more about small and cozy places with the local cuisine, culture, and farming. Visiting one of the factories, where wine, olive oil, and coffee are cultivated, produced and sold, is in the list of our obligatory trips. Visitors are met by the owner himself, who shares information about his business and arranges tastings as well.

The Ligurian Sea coast has always been known for the mild climate, arabesque rugged rocky coastline, lush vegetation of a tropical country. Also, you can find breathtaking mountains and beautiful hills everywhere around Sanremo. You’d think, what can you cultivate on such altitude? However, Italians are very inventive and enterprising. During our trips you will see every stage of the process – from cultivation of crops to packaging and distribution; you will learn about all tools and facilities that farmers use.

Of course, no one will remain indifferent, once he feels the hospitality of Italians. One of the lessons outside is dedicated to wine production in Italy and how it should be consumed. The owner of a factory with a beautiful name ‘Calvini’ treats his guests – our students – and shows the whole process of how wine/olive oil is made, from picking grapes to bottling wine/olive oil.

There is a museum at the factory, so students can compare methods of previous centuries with modern technologies. It is a unique experience to see real ancient amphoraes, that were used for transportation in ancient times. ‘Calvini’ are very proud of the long list of their awards from various wine contests.

It turns out, that Sanremo is not about sea, mountains, sport, delicious food only, but it also includes factories that produce worldwide famous eco-friendly goods. Doing your homework after this wonderful trip is not that big of a deal, so all students start to speak and think in Italian soon. Indeed, with this approach 90% of acquired knowledge remains in the memory.