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Centro Italiano di Cultura

Fabrizio de Andrè

Best location

Our school of the Italian language in Sanremo is just steps away from the world-famous Casino, Civic Museum, and Ariston Theatre.

Explore Culture

This full and inclusive social program accelerates learning and gets you speaking—confidently and quickly.

Certificate your knowledge

We  are the Only accreditation center for CILS and DITALS exam in the Province of Imperia.

Welcome to the Centro Italiano di Cultura Fabrizio de André Sanremo, the only accredited Italian Language Center in  Sanremo able to certify the Italian language!

Our  Italian language Center in Sanremo was opened in 2011 due to the love to one of the world’s most beautiful languages: the Italian language! The Italian language is still the language of music, opera, fashion, design, good food, olive oil and quality wine.  Join the Italian language school FDA you’re gonna be part of a successful story already existing in the Province of Asti, Piedmont, in Ukraine and Russia

Our History

It started almost a decade ago.

When we looked for a base for our Italian language center, Sanremo was our dream location. In 2011, we built our Center here. With the authorization of the Fabrizio de Andrè foundation, we named it Centro Italiano di Cultura Fabrizio de Andrè.

 In English—the Fabrizio de Andrè Italian Cultural Center.

Italy has long admired de Andrè for his dedication to sharing our country’s languages, and our Italian center in Italy is our way to pay homage to his passion.

  • In 2012 we opened the doors of our Kyiv center.
  • in 2013 we became the 1-st accreditation center for CILS exam in the Province of Imperia.
  • Then, in 2018, Moscow became our third home away from home.
  • In 2015 we launched our full immersion Italian language program, following in the footsteps of Edgar Dale. 
  • 2019 – we got accreditation for DITALS exam.

This interactive and inclusive course caters to how all human beings learn. Did you know we remember almost 80% of what we do, compared to only 20% of what we read?

Our students agree. This full and inclusive social program accelerates learning and gets you speaking—confidently and quickly.

Our People

Our DITALS accredited teachers have a proven track record of teaching. They are the key to our programs—and your success.

We focus on teaching one language well. This means that you can be assured of specialist teaching, by specialist teachers.

Our center of Italian language in Sanremo houses a library of up-to-date and authentic manuals to support your journey. Our manuals are published by prestigious houses—like Alma Edizioni and Edilingua—to ensure quality, authentic learning.

We don’t waste your time or efforts with average quality learning materials. We respect the way our students learn.

italian language center sanremo

Our Home

We collaborate with top universities and take you out to soak up our culture. Our Italian center in Sanremo is just steps away from the world-famous Casino, Civic Museum, and Ariston Theatre.

With Italy right on your doorstep, there’s never been a greater way to learn. We can’t wait to welcome you to Centro Italiano di Cultura Fabrizio de Andrè.

italian language Center Prize

Our Prize

The majority of other schools write in their site “we won many prizes ” without telling a word about it. Since the Centro italiano di cultura Fabrizio De André is born we tried to propose a new way to work and a new way to make our students trust us.

From time to time we partecipate in challenges related to Italian language and here you can see our results. In the Centro italiano di cultura Fabrizio De André you won’t find just courses of the Italian language in Sanremo  but motivated teachers that won prizes and are proud to share their results with you.

Why Organize Courses in the Italian Language in Sanremo?

Because Sanremo is a wonderful sea city far from mass tourism and surrounded not just by a wonderful clean sea (every year Liguria, our region, has the record of Blue European flags, a eulogy gave year by year by the European Union after chemical control of the water) but with a middle-age history, art and specific food traditions. 

Our courses in the Italian language in Sanremo are usually held in the morning to give all our guests the possibility to enjoy a relaxing free afternoon on the beach or around Italy.

Many other schools teach almost all languages in the world. This is for us a big mistake, it’s better to focus on 1 language but doing it at the best level. For this reason, we are the only branch of the University of Siena in the province and the only center in Sanremo who can certify your skills!

In our center, we don’t teach any other language than the Italian language!

The Centro Italiano di Cultura Fabrizio De André is working not just in Sanremo but also in Torino, Kyiv, Moscow and Lublin. All our teachers are trained by our director Fabio Boero and all of them completed the master DITALS that prove the highest skills in teaching the Italian language to foreigners. You can give a look to all feedbacks we’ve got clicking here! 

italian language lesson Sanremo

Our Speciality?

The lasts few years we adapted the communicative methods, that already gave so many good results  (in the FDA Center in Kyiv, Moscow work even teachers that studied the language from 0 with us) to the courses organized in Italy. Fabio Boero, our director, had this thought: “Why we should follow in Italy the same course we would abroad ? ” this is what the majority of the schools do. You sit in your class, you read your book, listen to audio and so on. Isn’t it different by what you do home? it is not. For this reason, we created a special course called “grammatica e pratica” where every day you get 2 hours grammar lesson and 2 (and more) hours practise through professional activities prepared in the classroom with your teacher. This was designed by following Edgar Dale’s studies and give you the possibility to remember up to 90 %!

You already studied the Italian language? With us you will speak it! 

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Feel free to ask us about BILDUNGSURLAUB in Sanremo and we will tell you which programms and for what period you can use this programme.

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